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服务到位 绝对享受 你梦寐以求的激情爱爱 全天然波
 服务到位 绝对享受 你梦寐以求的激情爱爱 全天然波1

Come from where 来自哪里:

Name 姓名 : BoBo(4925号)

Age 年龄 : 28 Years Old

Height 身高 : 165cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36E

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Paya Lebar 巴耶利峇

$150/2Shot 2次/60mins FJ

9092 6061

Please quote seen from momo! 请说陌陌时代看见的!


新时代的诞生  大家可以选择新的产物 陌陌时代  带给你不同的人生


       Please reject if not same person. Pay only when you meet in person.


2023-03-03 00:21Zzyi Says:
i say good service i really mean fucking amazing. Suer accomodating and eager to please. Started off w a good massage slowly teased her way sucking my cock. Let me tried different positions on her as well. Really is a rare gem dont miss out on her
2023-02-18 19:02亚贵 Says:
2023-02-14 12:31馬华 Says:
小姐姐身材很好,喜欢大胸的一定会满意。声音甜蜜,皮肤很滑嫩,加上口活功夫非常厉害,非常爽! 整体服务非常好,很会调情,也不赶时间,下次会再来预约
2023-02-10 19:29徘徘 Says:
2023-02-10 19:24雷霆 Says:
2023-02-10 19:20Tt Says:
Would dare to say she is perfect, super cute and adable. Totally 100% my type of girl ill go f. Suck my little brother until shiok to the max.
2023-02-07 20:55林子 Says:
2023-02-04 15:41Dan Says:
Shes like a veteran. Super experience girl. Totally wth the money. She has good smooth skin and smells good. Her BBBJ puts in efft, alot of action. Pussy is tight too. My money was well spent there. Booking again a few days soon hahha!
2023-02-04 15:341991 Says:
2023-02-04 15:17帅帅 Says:
2023-02-03 02:43泽哥 Says:
2023-02-03 02:41Sung Says:
She was beautiful. Her services was excellent. Bj was amazing. Frechkissing 69 was shiok. Fj was enjoyable. Really very good service. Try yourself wthy
2023-02-01 15:53noir Says:
I have the best experience with her. Paid extra f me pelasure. We french kissed f 10 minutes. She suck my tongue hungrily. we did 69 f 10 minutes till she cum. Her pussy juice is sweet and i like it. Preceed to fuck. She ride me hard like she want my sperm deep inside her. Overall 11/10. my best experience. Will RTF f sure
2023-01-13 19:16Ddddy Says:
Great GFE, licked my dick like she craved it. She kept slurping on it. After that she ride my cock and her huge boobs kept bouncing up and down. Felt fucking good, damn tight will rtf f sure
2023-01-07 02:19Zzz19 Says:
Service really well. She is actually really amazing. Talk to me f a while befe doing it. Very active in sex. Wth it
2023-01-07 02:17Ben Says:
Good service, pretty girl. Can say shes the best! 太爽了!很美大胸呢!
2023-01-02 20:45朋克 Says:
2022-12-31 13:20Willy Says:
Lowkey, love it. She come to find her often. I am in love with her. I will be coming back f me that f sure. BBBJ is legit one of the best uh. U guys got to try her out f sure.
2022-11-13 10:34日月星辰 Says:
2022-11-06 10:19St1971 Says:

All in all, had a long day and just wanted some tender loving care on my dick, she did it, she really know where to lick and of cos with the slurping sound.
2022-11-02 11:34hardce Says:
very good service. Raw and wet
2022-10-21 06:10山东鲁能 Says:
2022-10-19 02:48川仔 Says:
Big boobs! Very sweet smile after opening do.. hug hug n chit chat, she rub my cock and beh tahan alrdy..

Good bbbj …

Patience lady.
2022-10-19 02:37Sai ful Says:
Was hny again, quickly made appt with her.
Her delicious big boobs makes so love her.. haha
We kissed n smooch even fierce, hug tighter, the feel is so good, just like my gf..
2022-10-13 12:1568989 Says:

Very friendly and service ientated. Boobs is heavenly. This lady is a real gem. The licking and sucking was sheet pulling stuff. Awesome wk. Her sht air is a big plus to me. The deed was awesome with tight hugs and moans.. Got the sweat sheen inclusive despite the aircon.

RTF is sealed.
2022-09-29 01:30Jeffrey Says:

2022-09-29 01:25Dd33迷 Says:

2022-09-27 23:44陈赫 Says:

This mning visited her today , very friendly, accommodating, step her room give you a wonderful feeling She will allow you to do whatever you want , allow you to roam her from top to bottom,Bros out there go and suppt her After FJ , can continue to BJ me shiok , will return to visit her again

2022-09-23 00:09傲天 Says:
2022-09-21 20:35Simon Says:
Amazing GFE super sweet voice. Almost came in her mouth that\s how good she fucking is. Slurping my cock like it\s the best lollipop eever. Can\t get enough of her will visit her again very soon
2022-09-21 20:16CC teng Says:

She’s to me pretty without makeup as well. Usually I have nasty surprises. But this time I’m totally satisfied with her real look. I’m quite picky type. Service wise not bad. Beautiful voice too. Good chatter as well. Will return.
2022-09-18 15:09高个 Says:
Body 身材 : 丰满性感
Boobs 胸部 : E+
Kissing 接吻 : 性感嘴唇,舌吻感觉棒
BBBJ 无套口交 : 9.5/10功夫一流 表情淫荡
Painting 舔鲍鱼 : 香甜可口 甜的
FJ 爱爱 : 9/10
GFE 女朋友感 : 10/ 10
Massage 按摩 : 专业
Overall Experience 整体 : 9.9/10
RTF/RTM 回头率 : 100

2022-09-14 19:39Ming Says:
2022-09-14 19:20BNN Says:

10/10 personality
slim body, sexy stomach, perfect natural breast and nipples and pussy.
did not rush me, we both enjoyed intensely 69, deepthroat and sex in 4 positions f full hour.
tipped her extra, bought her snacks.
disclaimer: we had great connection, i\\\\\\m a good lover and she is still new in sg now.
It also depends on you.
2022-08-26 18:32老顽童 Says:

2022-08-20 12:33Ben Says:

It’s really nice meeting her. BoBo was wearing a sexy dress opening the do,
Wow straight away saw a pair of nice boobs and greeted with a smiling face.
She looks exactly like the pictures.We proceeded to shower, she will clean you up nicely.
I like the way she massage and also her tongue teasing around my body. She’s sensational and passionate,
her natural E +boobs really nice touching it.

She has strong GFE! Definitely not a time watcher, I feel comftable in the whole session.
2022-07-28 00:25Mark Yong Says:
2022-07-25 15:53阿龚 Says:
2022-07-25 01:39Faril Says:
Place is convenient and easy to locate. in , greeted with smile. Place is super clean. Look: 9/10 beautiful eyes and smile Figure : 8/10 soft C boobs FJ: 8/10 Good Sens with warm feeling HJ: 9/10 slow and sensual , did not rush . Will RTD f sure xD
2022-07-22 21:10Alan Lee Says:
2022-07-22 01:58小胡子 Says:
2022-07-22 00:46阿春 Says:
2022-07-19 02:37Kun Says:
A very friendly and chatty girl, willing to please and talk to you. Will hug and kiss you entered and bath with you. BBBJ is very shiok with good suction and deep throat all the way. Pussy is tight, wet and warm. Started off with cowgirl, switch to doggy and finished off in missionary. Nice natural moans with natural tits to grab pumping. Highly recommended f her nice personality and charisma.
2022-07-19 00:28qi qi tian tang Says:
刚约了BoBo,是一个很有礼貌的小姐姐,没有纹身,皮肤特别雪白又滑。喜欢丰满胸大的哥们一定会爱上,而且是自然真的,如果是整过的我就不会写这好评了。可是重点是,她尽然确实是新加坡人!约过的哥们也知道新加坡人很难约到的,不相信的话,我也没办法。恐怕知道了后,更难约到她了。我已经约了她 3次了!真不想分享的,但她值得,跟她我很享受也很爽。跟她做爱,我射了超多的。完全满足我得欲望。Will RTF f sure.
2022-07-13 22:34黑骑士 Says:
2022-07-12 18:08Tim lee Says:
Meet with BoBo today. Her pictures are real and her service excellent. Very very nice time I had with her.
2022-07-11 19:57tang long Says:
2022-07-06 00:14牛哥 Says:
2022-07-05 23:45麦克 Says:
2022-07-05 01:36W a b g Says:
Have tried this gem. Gimme the GFE feel.
Look 70pct usual photo effect but look better in real life.
What I like is she do not rush me f time.
Figure is slim with perky boobies, like JC girls.
The FJ is most memable with moan and seductive look. Still tight cause she is new to SG. Will RTF once my juice top up. hahaha
2022-07-04 23:49Cck Says:

Very good service! Positive review! Boobs really huge. Not those say real go is small kind. Suck them real hard haha! Probably taste abit of her milky haha!
2022-07-04 22:40Zzz Says:

Excellent and superb services! Same person like photo,perfect body and great services,especially blowjob trust me,u will never regret !!
2022-07-04 01:55帅气男孩 Says:
今天去找了这个BoBo 、照片和本人一样肉肉的,我试了 确实不错配合默契到位、服务好,那种感觉实在是无法形容,要亲身体验,才能感受到哦,好久没有见到这么大的天然大奶了,夹到比插还爽,真心不错值得推荐
2022-06-14 12:17城市蓝天 Says:
2022-06-13 16:06试车王 Says:
2022-06-12 07:16超级老司机 Says:
2022-06-11 17:36城市蓝天 Says:

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