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Come from where 来自哪里:

Name 姓名 : 菲菲 Fei Fei(5486号)

Age 年龄 : 23 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36C

Room 包房


Novena 诺维娜

$120Massage/60mins +2 HJ


Please quote seen from momo! 请说陌陌时代看见的!



新时代的诞生  大家可以选择新的产物 陌陌时代  带给你不同的人生


       Please reject if not same person. Pay only when you meet in person.


2023-03-13 22:21Hacker Says:
A true beauty. Petite and very good figure. Hardwking, her moan and seeing her boobs bounce up and down will make anyone cum in no time…
2023-03-13 21:20Happy Says:
Very good service. Enjoyed her massage thoughly and she was very patient with me. Allowed me to try multiple positions w her. Boobs was soft and pink definitely 10/10. Overall 8.5/10 will definitely return
2023-03-13 13:21Andy lau Says:
我找到了我的天使和最好的性伴侣。 对我来说无论是她性感的身体,她的呻吟,她的GF感,BJ,FJ还是69都是满分。 友好,非常注重服务,工作认真。我不相信以这个价格有这样的服务。 如果我不给她一点小费,我会感觉不舒服。 她将成为我每周的常客,天哪,我不知道她离开新加坡会怎样。
2023-03-11 12:32Tenha Says:
Dang! Came to find her today! Whats a lover! Her bj is one of the best easy! i came to the room after shower! Sheesh I didnt expect her to be so pretty! she takes off her clothes. I actually just went f it and suck her nipples haha she said she actually like the way I suck it. i proceed to play her pussy. Its wet and tight. She started licking my nipples and went to suck my dick i bang her tight pussy hahah! Perfect! Just perfect!

2023-02-03 18:23Simon Says:
2023-02-03 17:27Simon Says:
笑容甜美 健谈并且服务很有耐心 环境干净整洁 给我带来了很舒服的体验 下次还会再来
2023-02-01 13:03Pin Says:
Been her suppter f quite a while now. She still provides quality service, having sex with her and looking at her eyes. Sure turns me on.
2023-01-31 22:56disappointedguy Says:
Don\t lie la. Doesn\t look like pic at all.
2023-01-18 21:45Gaby Says:
2023-01-18 20:11Andrew Says:
2023-01-18 13:50Honest man Says:

2023-01-17 20:29sian Says:
10/10.looks exactly like pictures. tall, hot, sexy with killer body. will rtf f sure
2023-01-17 14:50Arrowhead Says:
Pretty and sexy bomb. At first i was a little doubtful shes real. Went there and was surprised to see such a beauty at this price. Kisses and tongue actions are done. Will be back f me.

2023-01-16 20:24time Says:
Good girl! Enjoyed alot. Pussy no smell. Lick lick my body like a cat. Really enjoyed my time with her!
2023-01-16 19:22Simon Says:

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